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Household Robot Types

There are two types of household robots: low-profile robots and high-profile robots. They are different in height.

Given the size of a typical senior home, both the width of these two types of robots should be comparable to a human being (< 3 ft).

To save space, it is ideal to have at most one low-profile robot and one profile robot on each floor (assuming the house has no elevator and the robot cannot walk up/down stairs) of a senior house, where each robot can perform multi-tasks.

A low-profile robot has a low height (< 4 inches) and is moved by wheels. The functionalities ofa low-profile robot include floor vaccuming, mopping, safety surveillance, and/or companion, etc.

A high-profile robot has a high height (4-5 ft) and is moved by wheels or legs. The functionalities of a high-profile robot include fetching, delivering, folding clothes, and/or cooking, etc.

Each robot can perform tasks autonomously (e.g., by pre-programming or scheduled time) or semi-autonomously (e.g., controlled by human voice or gesture).