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Senior Life Aspects to Automate

Senior life aspects can be categorized in the following (A) - (I) categories:

(A) Aids in Financial and Legal, (B) Body Care and Clothing, (C) Computer and Communication, (D) Dining and Food, (E) Education and Learning, (F) Fun and Recreation, (G) Go and Transportation, (H) Health and Medical, (I) In and Out Lodging.

Each categoey includes a set of activities as follows:

(A) Aids in Financial and Legal: Payment Handling, Financial Management, Estate Planning, Insurances, Legal Counselling. (B) Body Care and Clothing: Bathing, Hair, Skin, Nail, and Body Care, Exercises, Cloth Chaning, Cloth Cleaning and Drying, Apparel Purchase. (C) Computer and Communication: Internet Surfing, TV Watching, Wired and Wireless Communication, Computer & Device Use. (D) Dining and Food: Cooking, Eating Out, Food Shopping, Home Delivery. (E) Education and Learning: Certificate & Degree Education, Wellness Seminar, Adult Classes & Lifetime Learning. (F) Fun and Recreation: Arts & Museums, Movies, Live Performance, Parks, Sports, Pets. (G) Go and Transportation: Moving Inside and Outside the House, Driving, Car Sales & Rental, Car Repair, Ride Share & Parking, Airlines, Cruises, Bus & Rails, Hotels & House Sharing, Travel & Tours. (H) Health and Medical: Medical, Dental, Hearing & Vision, Mental Checkup and Treatment, Office Visit Transportation, Use of Assistive & Exercise Equipment, Pharmacy, Nutrition Products, Gym & Pool. (I) In and Out Lodging: Safety and Security Monitoring and Alerting, Environment and Energy Control, House Repair & Maintenance, House Cleaning, Landscape & Snow Removal, Furniture & Furnishing, Gardening.

The mission of our projects is to priortize and automate the above activities for seniors aging in place, motion handicapped, or mentally handicapped based on the evolving IoT, robotics, and mobile device technologies. The first project is focused on safety monitoring and alerting. It will evolve to integate with security monitoring and alerting.